Job description:

As a senior backend java developer, you will be part of a team delivering solutions for clients in Europe and North America using the most modern technologies. You will be expected to work mostly on the backend side. Additionally, you may expect to configure minor DevOps related components. You will not need to do any design or overcomplicated work on the DevOps side as those tasks will be assigned to senior DevOps engineers.


• 6+ years of experience with Java development
• Experience with Spring & Spring boot
• Flexibility when integrating into an international work environment
• Strong knowledge of designing scalable microservice API-s (REST, CRUD)
• Strong knowledge of transaction management (ACID, distributed transactions)
• Excellent English (verbal and written)
• Good problem solving
• Being open minded towards learning new skills

Your job will include:

• Working with project managers, team members, and business analysts to assess requirements for applications.
• Designing API-s and processes to incorporate data from backend systems
• Implementing features (only backend)
• Creating tests using Java and opensource frameworks
• Keeping yourself updated with new tools, technologies, and development methodologies
• Applying the company’s policy regarding quality assurance

What you can expect:

• Fair compensation
• Flexible work hours
• Employee development opportunities
• Primarily remote work

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