Project description:

We worked on developing a business mobile application where clients can sign up, upload their financial portfolios and then be contacted by a dedicated advisor. An important aspect is the high level of load capacity, because the customer wanted to gain traffic through targeted periodic campaigns. Furthermore, the application had to be stable on all devices.


  • Flutter

  • .Net

  • Microservices

  • Angular

  • Docker

Project gallery:

Crossplatform mobile application

Our Solution:

With the involvement of mobile and microservice solution architects, we managed to create a well-scalable solution that can be implemented on a general platform. The mobile application itself is built on a cross platform framework; the backend is microservice based. During the requirements exploration phase, it became clear that a web-based admin interface would also be needed, where advisors could review their clients and where superusers could modify the value sets used in the public application (e.g., list of banks or banking products). After designing the  CD/CI process and agreeing on the basic data models, work could start in parallel on the three components of the system. Team members were in daily contact to avoid any integration issues and had a dedicated project manager who could identify these potential points.

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