Project description:

We created a web application for our large corporate customer’s massive data set so now they can modify data securely and efficiently. During the design process, it was critical to eliminate downtime. We were able to deliver zero down-time, so the system was never unavailable and was always capable of performing a large number of parallel operations.

Web application VUE sketch

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Our Solution:

In addition to our own solution architects, we also involved client-side experts to ensure seamless integration into the domain. Before we started designing data models and APIs, we asked the client for data sets that we could use later for testing after removing the personal data. During implementation, we created a prototype that included a POC solution for communication between the frontend and the microservice side, authentication, and CD/CI processes.

Subsequently, in two-week sprints, we expanded the set of functions using Scrum methodology. The need for zero downtime was resolved with a clustered hosting solution and load balancer. Thanks to the microservice architecture, scalability will be simple in the future by adding pods to serve additional requests.


  • Java 11

  • Spring, Spring boot

  • Microservices

  • OpenShift

  • ElasticSearch

  • Vuex

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